Rebecca Schiffman "Rebecca Schiffman" TT08 LP w/MP3's
$15 ppd

Vinyl LP includes download code and lyrics printed on inner sleeve.
Digital also for sale on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Heartbreak Scene "The Szabo Songbook" TT01
$8 ppd
Temporarily Sold Out

Franklin Bruno "Local Currency: Solo 1992-1998" TT02
Franklin Bruno "Zero Return" 7" TT03
$10 ppd

Local Currency Free Companion EP

Free companion EP features: Lou Barlow, "Sit Back and Watch"/ Jennifer O'Connor, "Clean Needle"/ Portastatic, "Tableaux Vivant"/ Laura Cantrell, "Lies On Your Lips"/ Mecca Normal, "Coupon"

Peter Peter Hughes "Fangio" 7" TT04
$4 PPD

Peter Peter Hughes "Fangio" LP/MP3 TT05
$14 ppd

LP: My God Is an Angry God (Juan Manuel Fangio Castiga los Pecados del Mundo) / La Consciencia Intranquila de Juan Manuel Fangio / Edwardian Gray / Bebe's Song / El Hombre Mas Macho / Compared to Their Predecessors, Today's Politically Motivated Kidnappers Are Total Dicks / Los Viejos / Beat Your Halfshafts Into Swords (The Radicalization and Redemption of Juan Manuel Fangio)

7": Operational Detachment Juan Manuel Fangio b/w El Narcoavión

The Human Hearts "Art Books"/"Last Words Of Her Lover" 7"+MP3 TT06
$6 ppd

An actual, physical 7" by The Human Hearts featuring Franklin Bruno, the brilliant songwriter who was basically Fayettenam's raison d'etre. It's yours for $6 postage paid, and comes with a free digital download.

The 7" features two new songs: the rocking "Art Books," and "Last Words Of Her Lover," which features guest vocals from the lovely and scarily talented Bree Benton. You can stream both songs here.

Various Artists "Grow Up/Move Out" Compilation TT07
$7+ donation

A long-delayed digital-only compilation with all proceeds (minus Bandcamp's 15%) going to City Harvest, an NYC-based homeless charity.

You can get it for a suggested donation of $7 using the above widget, or by clicking here (though give more if you'd like -- remember, every cent minus Bandcamp's cut goes to City Harvest, just in time for the holidays)