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Fayettenam Records

September 21, 2010

It’s Tuesday the 21st of September. At long last, Fayettenam is proud to bring you the full-on, for-real-this-time release of FANGIO by Peter Peter Hughes.

You might know Peter as the bass player for The Mountain Goats. Or you might know him as a guy who’s been writing amazing songs on his own for years now, first with the band DiskothiQ, and now solo.

His latest release comes in two parts: the FANGIO 7″, available direct from Fayettenam in a limited, hand-numbered edition of 700, and the FANGIO LP. Buy the vinyl and get the digital downloads for free.

Don’t own a record player? You can find both the single and album on the download service of your choice.

September 19, 2010

Well: the official release date of the Peter Peter Hughes LP and 7″ is September 21st. That’s just around the corner.

For those of you who’ve already ordered PPH albums directly from Fayettenam, I have good news. Your albums have shipped! It took me a while, but those suckers are out of my apartment and into the United States postal system. Shortly, they’ll be in your homes or condos or men’s hotels or wherever Fayettenam customers live.

Thanks again, everybody, for your orders. You guys are amazing.

July 10, 2010

As many people have already noticed, the Peter Peter Hughes 7″ and LP are available for preorder! The LP comes out September 7th. The 7″ should already be here, but it isn’t, and I’m blaming that familiar bogeyman of shoestring budget indie labels, “a screw-up at the record plant.”

If you preorder now, I’ll box and ship your records just as soon as they reach me. Just a reminder: the 7″ is hand numbered in an edition of 700 copies. And both the 7″ and LP come packaged in beautiful chipboard sleeves with artwork by Peter Peter Hughes himself.

June 25, 2010

Hello. Couple quick things. First: the Peter Peter Hughes LP (also available as a digital download) is due out on September 7th. That is, as people who want me to deliver things on time often say in a vaguely threatening manner, a hard deadline. It’ll be preceded by a 7″, out on August 10th.

As for the comp: I’m pushing it back by a month or two. More soon.

I also wanted to point you to a great new 20th Anniversary comp out now on Shrimper Records. It’s got songs by Franklin Bruno, Peter Peter Hughes, The Mountain Goats, Mark Szabo, Lou Barlow, and a ton of other off-center geniuses you’ve undoubtedly heard of if you’re looking at this site. I can’t recommend it — or anything and everything on the Shrimper label — highly enough.

May 24, 2010

First of all: coming in late July is FANGIO by Peter Peter Hughes (whom many of you may know as Peter Hughes, of DiskothiQ and The Mountain Goats). It’s out on LP and download only, and will be preceded by a teaser 7″. It is amazing. Seriously. I could not be happier to be releasing these records.

Part two of the big news around here is the Fayettenam comp is now finished and has been fed into the giant, clanging-and-steaming record-making machine. It’s called “Grow Up/Move Out”, and it’s LP and digital download only, with all proceeds going to City Harvest in NYC. Brilliant cartoonist Michael Kupperman is doing the album art.

Contributors are: Darren Hayman, Refrigerator, The Tony Green Orchestra, Darlings, Simon Joyner, Saucer (feat. Bill Goffrier of Big Dipper/The Embarrassment), The Human Hearts (feat. Franklin Bruno), Jeffrey Lewis, Chris Lopez (Rock*A*Teens), Devon Williams, Kleenex Girl Wonder, Peter Peter Hughes, Ron House (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments), Brian Dewan, Mean Spirit’d Robots, Charlie McAlister, and Heartbreak Scene (feat. Mark Szabo and Marcy Emery).

I will say: it’s great. Really great. All tracks are exclusive, and the majority were written just for the comp. Plenty of compilations are good for giving you an idea of what your favorite artists sound like when they’re not trying very hard. This one isn’t like that. The songs are fantastic.

I’m also proud of the mix of contributors. Most of them know each other, but some don’t, and I’m excited to be the one making introductions. There are a lot of brilliant newbies on this comp, alongside people who have impressed us for years.

The LP will be released in a limited edition of 500. It’ll be out in the next couple months. More soon.

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