Fayettenam Records was founded in early 2007 by brothers Scott and Ryan Jacobson. One is a comedy writer, and the other is a funeral director.

The label name is a reference to Fayetteville, NC: the sprawling town the brothers grew up in, located by the Fort Bragg Army base, and glutted with the kind of night clubs that advertised topless bartenders and Wednesday night midget tossing.

Fayetteville made a bored teenager work very hard to find good music. Skid Row played once at a bar by the YMCA. There was a black and white picture of Elvis up in the Cumberland County Civic Center, commemorating some long-ago local gig. And that was about it.

Fayettenam is intended to be a home for the sort of stuff that made Scott and Ryan feel like they did when they stumbled on a good record in Fayetteville.

So far Fayettenam has released albums by Vancouver, B.C.'s Heartbreak Scene (an ad hoc band featuring Dan Bejar of the New Pornographers and Destroyer, convened to play the songs of obscure-but-influential Vancouver songwriter Mark Szabo), and Local Currency, a collection of singles by songwriter and music critic Franklin Bruno.

Future releases include an album by ex-New Bad Things genius Matthew Hattie Hein, and a sort of "best of" compilation of pop-oriented songs from cassette-only labels circa the 90s and early 00s.