Hi folks. So my four year experiment in selling stuff is drawing to a close, but Fayettenam Records has two final releases for you, one of which is a long-delayed digital-only compilation with all proceeds (minus Bandcamp's 15%) going to City Harvest, an NYC-based homeless charity. And you can download it right now!

The compilation is called Grow Up/Move Out, it has a cover by cartoonist Michael Kupperman, and it's a great, eclectic representation of everything I wanted the label to be. The songs are all unreleased or super-rare, and include beautiful contributions from Darren Hayman, Tenement Halls, The Human Hearts featuring Franklin Bruno, Jeffrey Lewis, Refrigerator, Peter Peter Hughes, Heartbreak Scene featuring Mark Szabo, Saucer featuring Bill Goffrier of Big Dipper and the Embarrassment, Matthew Hattie Hein, Brian Dewan, Mean Spirit'd Robots, Kleenex Girl Wonder, The Tony Green Orchestra, Ron House, and two young Brooklyn bands of whom I'm a huge fan: Hospitality and Darlings.

It's terrific. I'm really proud of it. And you can get it for a suggested donation of $7 (though give more if you'd like -- remember, every cent minus Bandcamp's cut goes to City Harvest, just in time for the holidays) here.

The second release is an actual, physical 7" by The Human Hearts featuring Franklin Bruno, the brilliant songwriter who was basically Fayettenam's raison d'etre. It's yours for $6 postage paid, and comes with a free digital download.

The 7" features two new songs: the rocking "Art Books," and "Last Words Of Her Lover," which features guest vocals from the lovely and scarily talented Bree Benton. You can stream both songs here.

Finally, I should remind you that every other Fayettenam release is still available for purchase at fayettenamrecords.com. So check 'er out. And thank you for your support!

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